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My name is Antti, Lo-Fi Coding is my blog. I’m an IT-professional from Helsinki, Finland with 10+ years of developer, concept design and entrepreneur experience. Always interested in learning new technologies, Follow me on Twitter

  • Automatic deployment of a Gatsby.js site to Amazon S3/CloudFront
    Today at 12:31 AM
    I recently transferred my blog from WordPress to Gatsby.js, which is a great static site generator. It uses Markdown for source and React for structure and rendering. One of the reason for moving away...
  • Circuit bending the ISD1820 recorder
    The ISD1820 is a voice recorder chip that allows the record and playback of 10 second audio clips. Circuits built around the chip are available everywhere and cost about 5€. These circuits differ in...
  • Beer-meter with Arduino and an LCD Keypad Shield
    Arduino is a great platform to prototype microcontroller based hardware projects fast, as this project demonstrates. Planning and building took about 3 hours. — I’m going to a party at Futurice and...
  • Using an Arduino LCD Shield with Raspberry Pi and Node.js
    I had a spare LCD Keypad Shield for Arduino and wondered if it can be used with Raspberry Pi. I found out that it can, though RPi’s GPIO interface. Controlling the interface can be done with Python or...
  • Sync a MIDI-device with PO-12 using Arduino
    Teenage Engineering’s Pocket Operators have a sync mode to synchonize the rhythm on multiple units. The PO’s however can’t be used to sync a MIDI-device. MIDI-sync can be accomplished with the help of...